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How It Works


If you are looking to grow your medical or dental practice, utilizing educational dinner/lunch seminars is the best way to accomplish this.  Many industries have done this for years with great success.  Financial institutions use seminar marketing all over the world.  They have continued to do it for a long time for one reason – It works!  In addition to seminar marketing, Dr. Eck’s rapid growth coaching program will get your practice to the production level you desire.

How does this work?

The basics are very simple.  We help you choose a restaurant  in your area that will work well.  It must be a place with adequate room for 25-40 people.  It must have a private room and be a restaurant affluent clients/patients want to eat at.

Once a location is determined, a market analysis around that restaurant is completed.  We then determine how many consults you desire a month.  This determines the marketing plan to fill the venue.  We help you implement this marketing plan.

Now it’s time to learn what makes a successful seminar presentation.  We will teach you this, and if you are afraid to speak in public, we have trained speakers.  In general, the presentation is between 30-50 minutes.

The length of the presentation varies based on the topic.  This is followed by a 10 minute question and answer session.

After the seminar presentation including the question and answer session dinner is served. While dinner is being served, walk around and chat, and meet the guests.

After they have had some time to eat the staff begins visiting each table asking for additional questions and asking when they would like to schedule a consult.  We will coach you and your staff on each step.

Now enjoy your consults!  These patients come in already liking and trusting you.  The best news is these patients are pre-qualified and can afford your treatment.