ADD $100,000-$350,000 in


Samples of Seminar Results

Why do seminars work so well?


Super Response Rate

Typically 50% of the attendees will schedule an appointment for a consult.  In contrast, appointments scheduled by visitors to your website is typically 10%, and direct mail marketing is typically 1-2%.


Become an Authority in Your Area -

Why will a patient get on a plane and fly across the country to the mayo clinic for a second opinion but your marketing can not pull from more than 5-7 miles?  It’s simple, they are perceived as an expert.  We will make you the expert in your area.


Pull Patients from a Much Further Radius from Your Office -

Providing patient educational seminars allows you to pull patients from much further away from your practice by doing the seminars in areas you want to pull patients from.  By doing it correctly, seminar attendees will feel obligated to seek your opinion.  You will become the expert!


Build a Relationship in an Environment Easier than Your Busy Office -

Patients choose a provider for a service based on emotion.  Buying decisions are made 86% by emotion.  The seminar creates that emotional experience. 


Highly Qualified Patients -

Through our selection process only those people “pre-qualified” are given a seat at the seminar.  If they attend the seminar they can afford the services you are providing.


Phobic and High Anxiety Patients -

Many patients do not seek the treatment hey need due to their fear of walking into a dental or medical office.  These patients will attend a seminar in a relaxing non-clinical environment.  Their confidence in you after the seminar allows hem to feel comfortable, finally scheduling a consult.